Sunday, May 13, 2012

12 Pt, Times New Roman

I'm on page 81 of the new novel. Which is okay. I wrote three pages today, and I really like at least one of them. So that's something.

That was between laundry (shudder) and an excruciating hair cut. I despise going to the salon. The hairdressers always try to engage me in the small talk, but after commenting on the weather ("yeah, it's really rainy out today") and answering the little bullet-point quiz typical American women like to give each other ("Married? Kids?"), I sink into an uneasy silence. Which doesn't go away until I'm out of the chair.

Oh, the husband and I did go to Casa Rasta for lunch. It's the best new taco place in Pittsburgh, hands down! But that belongs more to veggie obsessed land, so I'll post pictures, reviews and extensive fan-pandering there. 

After dinner, I'm going to see "The Chronicle of My Mother." at the Silk Screen Film Festival this year. Last year I didn't get to go, so I'm planning on seeing at least two movies this year. The trailer for it is here. I love that there's an Asian/Asian-American film festival in Pittsburgh.

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