Monday, May 14, 2012

All in the Name in Adventure?

I need more female friends in Pittsburgh. I hang out with a lot of guys, so more women would be a welcome change. A friend recommended I check out meet-ups, so I joined a Meet-up exclusively for women. Except I have yet to go out and meet any of them. There's a thingy tomorrow night at Station Square, a Happy Hour meet-and-greet. Technically, I could make it by walking across the bridge. All I have to do is press the RSVP button on the website, and then go there after work tomorrow. It all sounds so easy.

Except I worry it's going to be icky. Oh, I know, I know. One uncomfortable drink isn't going to kill me. And I'm supposed to be braver. I can go up to strange women and introduce myself. I know I can. 

My first reservation is where this Happy Hour is going to be. I yelped the saloon, and kept reading the description upscale casual. I'm so not upscale casual. Upscale casual may very well give me hives. I'm more dive bar casual. 

And then there's the recurring fear about having to talk extensively about what I do. Meaning the corporate job. I especially hate when I tell people, and they act like it's a good place to be employed at, or impressive in some way. It's really not. But a lot of the other folks who RSVP'ed also work at corporate places. Just thinking about the potential conversations we might have gives me a headache. I'll outline them in bullet points below.

  • The job
  • The marriage (or lack there of)
  • The kids (or lack there of)
  • Sports?
God, I hope there will be no sports-related talk. I mean, I recognize that sports is very important to the average Pittsburgher. But I only recently realized that all the sports teams wear the same colors. My interest in/knowledge of sports is that bad. 

I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I need to do things that scare me. But this might be the wrong kind of scary.

I have twelve more hours to press that RSVP button. Or not.

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